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Making student accommodation a home!

Hello again everyone, blogging twice in a week! It’s like old times. Or rather, the occasional times when I have my shit together.

So, as you know I moved back to Liverpool this week after 3 months at home, I have moved into a new room, in a new flat with (mostly) new flatmates. One thing that is a must for me, is making my room feel like my room. I’m going to be spending a lot of the next 9 months living here, so even though there’s an end in sight, it is still my full time home for the time being!

So why not put that little bit of extra effort in! Here are a few bits of advice on how to make your room feel like a home:

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Cards to brighten your day

A few weeks ago, after I (finally) received all of my coursework and exam results from this past January, my sister Suzanne posted me this card. The design is great, and she also says that it looks like me. Which it kinda does, only I have the top of my skull.

Cards are a small, but kind gesture. I always like to make sure that I get a card that really fits a gift, or at least I’ve recently decided to do that since cards are great and tie it all together. Plus they can mean a lot to a person. That card Suzanne sent me reminds me that I can get through uni, and I can do all of this work, even when I have days like today, when it feels impossible to get through some of the work.

Urgh, that got cheesy and sentimental real quick.

Here are just a few examples of cards that I’ve bought for others/had bought for me. They’re awesome, if I do say so myself.

Especially the ‘Everything’s gonna be super duper’ card, which again was from Suzanne.

Damn son, she knows he way around a card shop.

She gave this to me when I first moved to university, and it comforts me when I think about how uncertain my entire future is.

Now I need to take a shower to feel clean again after spilling all these fillings into a blogpost.

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Robb Stark Art Print

Hello everyone, sorry I haven’t posted as much as I usually do! The days seem to be coming and going so fast, and suddenly it’s 5 days since I’ve posted anything.

Yesterday, I visited one of my favourite shops in Liverpool, Nook and Cranny on Bold Street. I need to take my camera next time, to take some pictures to share on here, since it’s so nice and pintrest and has some absolute baller stuff. The cards are bloody amazing especially.

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