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New Music of the Month – April 2017

Get ready for a bumper edition of New Music of the Month! There have been loads of amazing new tracks released the last couple of weeks and there’s no better place to catch them all than right here!

 Check out March’s new music here.

Crowded Places – Banks

This stripped back track from Banks (say that four times fast) is the anti-thesis to songs like ‘Brain’ which we know her so well for. This song is built to chill too, but it feels like such a ‘real’ and tough track. Continue Reading →

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New Music of the Month – March 2017

It’s that time once again, 2017 is flying by. We’re a quarter of the way through, that’s very unnerving!

This month one of my favourite artists made her return. That alone made this an amazing month for music.

Catch up on February’s music here.

Green Light – Lorde

There’s no surprise with this being the first featured. Rather than go on about this song for the millionth time, I’ll leave the link to my dedicated post on this track.

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Soundtrack to our messed up world

To not beat around the bush, our world is pretty f*cked up at the minute, although it’s always been a bit of a terrible place.

Now more than ever, we exist in uncertain times. At least this is the most uncertain and strange period of time since I’ve been on Earth anyway. (Not referring to my birth, I’m referring to the time my home planet dropped me off to never pick me up)

All over the world people are using their voices to express their anger, confusion, sadness, shock, sorrow, guilt, determination. We live in uncertain times.

Music is an art form, one used by so many to capture a moment in time, to capture whatever the hell we live in right now.

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