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The Social Effects of Creating

I love the term ‘creator’, it encompasses so much. I considered myself a creator when I exclusively made YouTube videos back in 2013. Now almost four years later, I write, I blog and barely create YouTube content due to lack of time, not lack of desire.

Over those four long years I’ve made so many friends, made so many connections and strengthened a billion other bonds of friendship. This reads like a lyrics to a late nineties Pokemon theme tune and I’m here for it.

 Through creating content on YouTube I got in contact with Callie, who’s ended up being one of my favourite people on the internet, we got to hang out a few months ago and eat sushi- great times. Online crossing into real life is my favourite thing. I also met Jess, Adele and Hannah. We got some drinks, drank like teenagers in the street and had a fine old time. I visited Hannah in Brighton last weekend and ate so much food I thought we might die. All of these friendships stemmed from deciding to switch the camera on one day and make some very crappy videos.
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