• My current products!

    Hello everybody!

    I didn’t know what to call this, my favourite skin products? But a lot of this isn’t for skin. Favourite beauty products? But it’s not all beauty things? So I’ve just gone for products. Very creative.

    Today I thought I’d show you the products that take part in my everyday routine. Or most day routines. I use most of these products everyday but not all of them. This is getting ramble-y so I’ll just start.

    This post would have been up days ago, but the weather wasn’t great, so I had no natural lighting. Then the weather was great, but I wasn’t home. But today is the hottest day of the year, so it was VERY sunny, as well as sweaty and tiring. The heat makes me want to lie down forever. I also discovered that I have nowhere nice, with access to natural lighting, to take photos. So this post could have been up days ago. Oops.

    All of the featured products in their glory! (Atop the radiator cover in the hall. It’s a very professional operation that we run here.)

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    Favourite songs

    Today’s post was going to be about K-ON! ,a series I love, it was then going to be a desk/working area tour, but my desk is sort of a mess at the minute and needs a good clean, so now it’s evolved into this!

    The other day I was with my friends Amy and Alix (soon to be of Ace and Red blog fame) when we decided to list our 5 all time favourite songs. This wasn’t easy and I’m not 100% all of these songs should really have made the cut or if more should have, I have no clue, but here are the 5 I listed (in no particular order):

    Paramore– Still Into You

    (Fun fact- this album came out on the day I passed my driving test!)

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    Cheap activities to do over summer!!!

    I’ve been off for summer break for a month now, sadly with no luck in the job department, so I’m trying to keep busy for as cheap as possible! With nothing coming in at the minute, I need to save as much money as I can!

    This week I managed to fill 2 days, in which I spent just under £15 in total. That doesn’t seem as cheap as I thought it was going to be before I added it up, oops, although all but £4 of that was spent on food! If I didn’t love eating so much, it could have been so much cheaper!

    The first activity is: Throwing your own garden festival!

    I did this with 3 friends on Sunday, the day cost £5 which was spent on food! Mainly sausage rolls and ice pops. A worthy investment if you ask me. Otherwise we made do with what we had! We put a tent up, sat outside of it in the sun, dressed as ‘festival-y’ as we could, spending a ton of the day learning new card games. And it was really fun, it was something different to what we usually do, which means I’ll remember it much more vividly!

    I really should have taken more pictures but I was having too much fun and forgot, so here is a picture of Georgia and I. I wish I looked better on this.

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    My Birthday!

    I’m going to apologise in advance for this post, as I’m sick today so I’m going to rush it a little bit so I can get to doing the important stuff- marathoning anime and feeling sorry for myself.

    So it was my 19th birthday on Friday! I had a really nice day, and I should have taken some pictures for this post,  but oh well. I went for breakfast in Café Rouge with my parents (I had granola and a pain au chocolat! It was great), I then went shopping, visited my sister and my niece before coming home, and going back out! In the evening, I went to Frankie and Benny’s, I had an avocado and red pepper pizza, it was also awesome, and then went to play bowling with a lot of my friends from high school. It was a ton of fun and the first time in a REALLY long time that the majority of us were all in one place, usually we’re all around the country.

    I also made the the video below, which contains a sort of bucket list for my 19th year, 20 things in total,  it should have been 19 but my counting skills are lacking. I’ve actually completed one already, but that will be said in a video next year, just before I turn 20- I want to accomplish all of these and then make a video proving that!

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    I was lucky enough to spend Tuesday and Wednesday of last week in Paris, France! Whilst we were there, the weather varied from torrential rain to extreme sunlight! It was crazy, and I had not packed sufficiently for either weather (despite my case being extremely heavy!).

    Rather than ramble a lot, I’m going to make the post mainly pictures, if you want to hear more/see more of my trip, I uploaded a vlog to my YouTube channel yesterday (it’s quite long, prepare yourself for that!):

    WOW It is hell trying to change the order of pictures on blogger. Let’s deal with these the way they are, I moved most of them into the right order but I also can’t be bothered moving the bagel pictures towards the bottom!!

    Being so pretty on the mid level of the Eiffel Tower (I LOVE the jumper I have on, I’d wear it all day every day if it wouldn’t get smelly)

    This was a little place called Bagelstein which was convientiently located between our hotel and Bonne Neuville (I think that is how you spell it) station. I had this amazing bagel for breakfast which consisted of cheese, roasted vegetables, pesto and MORE cheese, this time in cream form. It was truly amazing. Also it was brilliant to get some vegetables since for the past two days my diet consisted of mostly maoams and macarons.

    Fae, who I went with, a long with a few other of her friends, took a lot of selfies. This is my favourite, which was taken whilst we sat outside of Bagelstein having our food!

    The Pokemon Center was pretty cool, the merchandise sold was pretty underwhelming, but it’s still cool to see this many Pikachu!

    It also had a wall with every single Pokemon currently revealed on it!! I took pictures of some of my favourites but this is as close to a picture of the full wall as I could get due to how huge it was!

    The Pokemon Center also had an art gallery, which was the best part of it, it was really great. A lot of it was very simplistic but was executed extremely well.

    McDonalds in France have a counter selling ‘McCafe’ products, my favourite was obviously the macarons! ‘Real’ macarons were better, but these were a nice snack, we went back for more of the vanilla flavoured ones!

    The Metro signs are really awesome. They seem very Halloween-y for some reason.

    Selfie game forever strong even if this is a horrible selfie.

    We could see the Arc d’triomphe really well from the middle level of the Eiffel Tower!

    The view was pretty breathtaking from all angles, but this was my favourite with all the tall buildings in the distance.

    By the time we left, the Eiffel Tower was illuminated and looked great. I also had a great panini between the time of the last two photos. I want that panini right now.

    The next day we visited an Evangelion exhibit among other things, I filmed more of that in my vlog if you’re interested!

    Overall, Paris is just an amazingly beautiful city and I want to go back right now!!!

    I hope you’re all well and I’ll see you next week!