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Exploring an Abandoned Olympic Stadium in Tallinn, Estonia

Last November I spent two weeks travelling around North Eastern Europe, starting in Finland and finishing in Lithuania. Today’s post begins the coverage of the second city we visited, the capital of Estonia, Tallinn!

Tallinn is known for being extremely, extremely beautiful. It’s an absolute fairytale of a city, it’s picturesque, it doesn’t feel real, and it’s quite possibly my favourite city on the planet. However today we aren’t talking about that side of Tallinn, we’re focusing on Linnahall, an abandoned Olympic stadium located just a stones throw from the Old Town.

If you want to know how we got from Finland to Estonia, and all about Helsinki, you can go to my post 72 Hours in Helsinki.

Originally named V.I Lenin Palace of Culture and Sport, Linnahall was constructed for the 1980 Summer Olympic Games, hosted in the Soviet Union. Moscow had no suitable facility for the sailing, so the Gulf of Finland on which Tallinn sits was selected. This venue was constructed and became an iconic part of Tallinn.

In the years to come, it became a venue to host all kinds of events, concerts being one of them. Toto performed ‘Africa’ here, and honestly that’s enough to get me to visit anywhere on the planet. Thankfully the building wasn’t used for another purpose – war. Like many buildings in the Soviet Union, the building was constructed with invasion in mind, Linnahall was build to allow tanks to shoot out to sea incase the Finnish invaded.

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Real Life Star Wars – Skellig Michael, Ireland

Hello and welcome to a brisk morning on the South Western Irish coast in the small fishing town of Portmagee, 200 miles from Dublin.

Better known as an island on Ahch-To, the planet housing the first Jedi Temple and Luke Skywalker’s solace three decades after Return of the Jedi. This isn’t just a tourist destination, it’s a huge page where Star Wars fans flock to.

Your journey to Skellig will begin with arriving at a marina in a small coastal Irish village. For us (as for most) it was Portmagee. Portmagee is a quaint little place accessibly only by car – we’re not in London anymore!

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Last month I turned 22, and as a birthday present from the most important person in my life (me) I received a solo trip to the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK!

A bubblewrap kingdom filled to the brim with plants, located almost as far southwest as you can go in the country! From London, the journey took 6 1/2 hours door to door – it’s really bloody far from anywhere!

However it’s totally worth it. The place is lush, for lack of better word. It’s like stepping onto a different planet, one without pollution, one that’s sustainable, one where humans don’t rule.

Rather than harp on, as I don’t know a bloody thing about plants, have a nosey at all these photographs.

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My Travel Fears and Scares | Travel Linkup

I’m joining travel link up for the first time, and as a(n occasional) travel blogger, I couldn’t be more excited. I love reading other people’s thoughts, feelings and musings on travel, especially as most travel bloggers are much more well seasoned than I am!

This month we’re focusing on travel fears and scares.

I don’t have a fear of flying, I don’t really get scared about getting lost or running out of money – these things have already happened to me, it sounds worse than it was. I just went to an ATM in Hiroshima and all was good again.

I get FOMO. The millennial ‘fear of missing out’.

It’s really quite dumb, I fear what will happen while I’m gone. Will I miss a friend’s birthday and all of my friend’s from home coming back together? This is before considering what gigs I’ll miss. I’m away for two weeks in November (travelling around Eastern Europe) and there are 3 gigs in London that I’m missing. One day Dua Lipa, one day Future Islands, one day Father John Misty.

Will I miss out on a big family event? I missed Easter whilst in Tokyo last year, and for the first time in my life I felt homesick. Next year my sister is getting married abroad and I either have to miss a festival I really want to go to, or miss the family holiday prelude to the wedding.

I want time to just make an exception when I’m away and allow me to do what I want, when I went and not miss out on anything! I have this strange obsession with experiencing and living everything I can to the point where it’s not healthy.

Alas, let’s live life, travel and have fun. That reads like a shite tattoo.

If you’d like to join travel link up, and read some more posts by great bloggers, go here and go wild!