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TBT #1- Haim.

Welcome to the first instalment in my Throwback Thursday series! Rather than a tradition TBT, involving a picture of friends and I in 2008, I’m going to dedicate a post a week to something that I really like, or liked,  before I put content out into the internet, and so I haven’t had a chance to express my love for it!

I really got into Haim’s music early last year, to pinpoint it exactly, my sister Suzanne had told me about them, and one day before getting the bus to college, I downloaded their entire discography, which at the time was a few singles/EPs from Amazon MP3, I’d never bought something from there before, but you get to own the MP3 rather than only owning the music on iTunes software when you buy through the iTunes store.

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Troye Sivan and Begin Again

This post would have been up yesterday, had I not been on (another) Breaking Bad marathon, I finally get all of the hype around that show now, and it also makes me never, ever, ever want to touch drugs.

This is another post about music. I’ve never considered myself as having a big interest in music but this is my second post on music this month. I still don’t think I can say I have a big interest in music though, when the Pitch Perfect soundtrack is one of my most listened to albums.

Last Wednesday I went to go see a film called Begin Again, here’s a summary lifted from IMDB: ‘A chance encounter between a disgraced music-business executive and a young singer-songwriter new to Manhattan turns into a promising collaboration between the two talents.’

I was surprised by how amazing it was, I expected it to either be great or terrible, and I’m so glad it ended up being fantastic for such a low budget, low action plot. I never expected to enjoy it as much as I did.

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Favourite songs

Today’s post was going to be about K-ON! ,a series I love, it was then going to be a desk/working area tour, but my desk is sort of a mess at the minute and needs a good clean, so now it’s evolved into this!

The other day I was with my friends Amy and Alix (soon to be of Ace and Red blog fame) when we decided to list our 5 all time favourite songs. This wasn’t easy and I’m not 100% all of these songs should really have made the cut or if more should have, I have no clue, but here are the 5 I listed (in no particular order):

Paramore– Still Into You

(Fun fact- this album came out on the day I passed my driving test!)

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