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Can I live a more sustainable life?* [AD]

Today we’re talking sustainability, today we’re talking ethically, today we’re talking the many ways you and I can improve our lives and reduce our impact upon this beautiful blue and green planet we call home. Sustainability has been a topic of discussion on social media lately and it’s got me thinking about all the completely wasteful things I’ve been doing in my life. Let’s run through a couple ways of being more sustainable and ethical in our living.

Reduce your emissions whilst travelling

I’m one of those people who says ‘we can walk it’, even if the journey is about 40 minutes on foot. But if we CAN walk it why not? I wanna see the world…and save money. I don’t own a car, so I often rely on public transport. When I lived in London, this was the norm and it was much easier to live without a car than to live with one. Now I live outside of London, the lack of car is a *little* bit more limiting, however I make do. If you have the resources to, switching to an electric vehicle can have a massive effect on the environment. Plus you get to drive a silent car and that’s very Blade Runner. I used to live near a few charging points, meaning tons of electric cars gliding around very smoothly. The Tesla 3 is coming out, if we all had the budget, I’m sure we’d be right on it. Electric cars are becoming more and more accessible, especially with the NewMotion charging station. There are over 50,000 NewMotion charging points across Europe, so it’s a thing of the past to be worried about where to plug in your car. Plug in your is a very fun sentence to say, we really do live in the future.

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Most Listened To

Last year I wrote about my favourite new tracks each and every month, there were so many, it was a lot of fun to listen to and collate all these new bits of music. For 2018, I thought I’d switch it up a bit and focus on what I am actually listening to the most.

Using Obscurify I found out the top 10 songs I listened in the six weeks leading up to 08/02/18 and have written a little spiel on each below. I find any and all Spotify data completely intriguing so I spend far too much time on this site.


I’m a really big fan of Charlie, he’s such a talented musician and songwriter and this track is where he really shines. ‘All I Have’ is the first single from his upcoming album Oceanography, which comes out in a few short weeks. If you like upbeat acoustics, this guy is for you.

I recently interviewed Charlie for work, he is very genuinely one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I’ve had a chat with.

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Welcome to Tallinn, Estonia.

The pastel, photogenic capital city. Sitting on the Gulf of Finland is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to in my (long, long, long) 22 years. Tallinn’s Old Town is the best preserved Medieval city in Europe and boasts the honour of being a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Late last year I spent a few days nestled in an Airbnb in the heart of the Old Town (linked because it was amazing and had a private sauna in) and have to share how amazing it was and what you can get up to in the Old Town.

Check out my last post on Tallinn’s abandoned Olympic stadium if you want to see the complete opposite of what you’re about to!

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Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of chats and discussions with creators of all kinds from all over the internet.

 Today we’re joined by the wonderful Jess of Jess & Josh Cook, a blogger who can cook and create almost anything and knows the restaurants of Brighton better than I know the back of my hand.

D: Who are you and what do you do as an online creator?

J: I’m Jess and I’m a food blogger at Jess & Josh Cook. We do recipes and reviews mostly, Josh does all the cooking for our reviews and I do everything else that comes with having a blog.. I also do some freelance social media management for friends which is what I’d love to do full time!
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