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September 23, 2017

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My Favourite Podcasts

As a commuter spending up to 2 hours a day travelling to/from work, I have a lot of time to kill listening to music and podcasts. I can’t really read anything as I walk, so unless I want to walk into a lamppost or oncoming traffic, my hearing is the only sense I can titillate with that time, and that may be the worst thing I’ve ever written.

Whilst these are my exact headphones and my laptop, the image is not mine.

Here are some of the best podcasts I’ve been listening to over the last few years:


Opening with probably the most famous podcast out there, Serial tells a true story in each of it’s two seasons. Seaon one focuses on the confusing investigation into what actually happened in the case of Hae Min Lee’s murder, did Adnan Syed really do it or was he falsely convicted?

Season two focuses on the disappearance and imprisonment of Bowe Bergdahl, and what drove him to do just what he did.

If you’re up for some gripping investigative journalism and questions you’ve never considered, Serial is for you.
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