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Milan’s Aperol Bar

Views and booze. Two of my favourite things.

Both things are readily available at Milan’s Terrazza Aperol.

Located as close to the Duomo as you can get, the outdoor balcony provides and amazing view over the square and of the Cathedral itself. Plus whatever playlist they had on was absolute fire.

Milan does drinks RIGHT. In all honesty, I didn’t like mine at all, turns out I don’t like Aperol. I went for an Aperol spritz as it seemed only right to have their perfected drink. It looked good, but for me it was grim.

Amy had a…we both can’t remember. It wasn’t Aperol based, it was fruity. Great description.

The drinks came with this platter of food too. Bloody brilliant. I believe they were €12 each, including the food! You can easily find yourself spending £10 on a cocktail in London, so this is quite the deal. The olive focaccia was next level.

These pictures are awful, I know. My poor old DSLR can’t handle lowlight settings and I’m spending too much on travelling to afford a new camera!

The Duomo looks incredibly creepy under the intense lighting they’ve carefully orchestrated! Somehow makes it all the more impressive.

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