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Zoe London recently created the concert tag on her YouTube channel, you can watch that here.

I really enjoyed it and thought I’d tackle it as a blog post! It’s a fun, original and a bit of a different tag than normal! I can’t wait to see the part 2 video coming to Zoe’s channel soon!

I like to think that I got to a lot of gigs/concerts, though I probably don’t. I’d say that I do go to more concerts than the average person, I go to a ‘fair few’ a year, but I have friends who go to a ‘fair few’ in 2 months, so who knows.

1. What was the first concert you attended?

Time to cringe. The first concert I attended was the X Factor Live Tour

It was the year that Shane Ward won, which according to Google was 2005, so I would have been 10/11 by the time of the tour date, which was presumably in 2006. To this day I still don’t know why my mum and I bought tickets for it, neither of us have ever been big enough X Factor fans to go to the tour!? But I can say that I’ve seen Chico live, and I think that statement is worth seeing all the other contestants. If you put a gun to my head and told me to name who else performed other than Shane Ward and Chico, I wouldn’t be able to.

Because Chico is Chico and demands all of my attention.

I’ll never forgive my two older sisters for not taking me to some lit 90’s/early 00’s concerts as a kid, I’m still annoyed we didn’t go to see the Spice Girls together, or T.a.T.u! I loved, and still love, All the Things She Said. They went to see Steps all the time, couldn’t I have tagged along?!

But for real, how embarrassing that the X FACTOR LIVE TOUR was my first concert.

2. What was your most recent concert?

If V Fest counts, it was that! Bit of a step up from the X Factor tour. I went to V Fest Weston for the Sunday, and I was lucky enough to see DNCE, Zara Larsson, MNEK, Stormzy (a lil), Jess Glynne, Bastille and Sia. Bieber was there too, I won’t pull my punches on this one, he was pretty shit. He started off by saying ‘Are you ready Birmingham?’

We were not in or near Birmingham.

We made our own fun by dancing in the mud as wildy as we could to ‘Sorry’, with lyrics improvised by my wonderful friend Alix: ‘Is it too late now to save Harambe? Because I’m missing more than just Harambe’.

Dicks out for Harambe.

Otherwise I went to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in July. She performed at KOKO in Camden, I loved that venue. It’s up there as one of my favourites of all time, along with the Apollo in Manchester.

Kyary’s concerts are an experience, wild dancing, wild lights, everyone is going full Jon Hamm in the crowd and belting out Japanese lyrics we don’t fully known the words or meaning of, it was amazing.

Here’s my favourite Kyary song, it’s about wearing false eyelashes. Her songs are all so damn wholesome, discounting the one about her getting wasted on her birthday, but that’s me every damn year so I can relate to that one much more than the one about eyelashes. For my 22nd birthday I aim to have some shots with Kyary.

3. How many concerts have you been to?

I have no idea at all. I would like to hazard a guess of 30-40?! Maybe less?! Maybe more?! I don’t know.

4. Which artist have you seen the most live?

I’ve seen Marina and the Diamonds 3 times, each and every time I have had the absolute sickest time. Marina is a true performer, her voice is incredible, her stage presence is amazing, and she is the one true Queen of Westeros. Her set design for the Neon Nature Tour was amazing, with giant LED walls matching whatever song was playing, and transitioning from era to era as the night went on; from The Family Jewels to Electra Heart and finally to Froot. I went to both Manchester dates and both times I was blown away. I bought my tickets for the second date on the train home from the first night, I tweeted about it, Marina favourited it (remember those days?), I freaked out a little when I noticed.

Marina has said she is probably taking a break from touring for a while, so I’m very glad that I was lucky enough to see her twice on her last tour. The other time I saw her perform was for the Electra Heart tour in Liverpool.

I’ve also watched Scott Bradlee and Postmodern Jukebox perform 3 times! They’re a YouTube born sensation, turning modern music into that of the past. I’ve been to a date on every UK tour, and I’ll be going for their 4th next year! I haven’t bought tickets yet simply as I don’t know where I’ll be living by March, will it be the London, Liverpool or Manchester date I go to?! Who knows.

They’re absolutely boss live, since they come with a massive cast of singers and musicians, it is like watching a few different concerts rolled into one!

Though if I win Apple Music Festival tickets, I’ll be seeing Bastille for the second time, and then I have a ticket to see them in November – they’ll hit the magic 3 in record time, 4 months! I’m like 99% likely not to win AMF tickets though. Plus it’s on Monday and I don’t have train tickets or a place to crash yet, we shall see.

5. What’s the furthest you’ve ever travelled for a concert?

London for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! Worth every penny. Plus I got to explore Camden in the daytime, despite spending a lot of time in London over the last few years, I had never properly been to Camden! Topping off the day with a Kyary gig was amazing.

We also debated going to a concert or two while in Japan as the concert culture is pretty cool, people dance with giant glow sticks (otoge sticks I think they’re called?) and they’re always so in time to the music! There are whole routines fans learn and then perform at the gig! We wanted to see Gesu no Kiwami Otome, but sadly we didn’t time it completely right!

6. Best opening act you’ve seen?

I have a terrible memory, so this is tough! At my first Paramore gig in 2009 You Me At Six supported, which was awesome. I haven’t really listened to their newer albums, though I do like what I’ve heard from them. They’re an opener that I already loved before the gig, which doesn’t seem to happen too often for me!

7. Have you met any bands/artists at concerts?

The only I have met is at Scott Bradlee + PMJ! I met Scott, Robyn, Tim and possibly a few others? My mind is a little hazy on that one. I walked past Florrie without noticing after seeing her live, I didn’t even click on because I’m a bit of a dick I suppose?! 

Ever since Martyn Rooney said that he ‘ran like a dick’ on live TV, I can’t stop using that word to describe myself anytime I do anything less than perfect. Iconic moment of 2016’s TV there.

8. Have you met internet friends at concerts?

I haven’t! But I’ve been at quite a few concerts with internet friends and neither of us were the wiser until cracking onto good ole later on. 

Weirdly I have also been at concerts that some of my future roommates went to as well! In the same room years before we lived under the same roof!

9. Have you ever caught a guitar pick/drumstick or setlist?

No, but I can dream!

10. Best concert you’ve been to and why?

This is a hard choice, but I’m going to say Florence in the Machine in 2015. I didn’t have great seats, to be fair, lower tier ain’t bad, but the whole experience can only be described as religious. I felt lost in the music, and Florence ran out into the crowd right near us and my heart skipped a few beats, I died and Florence revived me.

 When she sang Cosmic Love I cried, it’s one of my favourite songs and the tears just started flowing! I don’t cry often at all, I’m like the tin man, I have no heart, but Florence made my cry! Or is the scarecrow that needs the heart? Either way, my point is that I don’t show emotion but Florence made me weep in the M.E.N. so fair play to ya Flo.

Thanks for reading!

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