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July 2015

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Oh Me Oh My // Goodness Gracious

The week before last I went to Oh Me Oh My, a restaurant on Water Street in Liverpool.

There’s an amazing roof garden terrace, so we naturally ate up there, even though it was a very overcast day and started raining while we were there.


Also I’m still getting used to using Calvin the camera, and most of my photos were overexposed (like the Maroon 5 album, yes) but these ones were salvageable! Sadly most of the pictures of the view were too awful. So you’re just gonna have to visit to see it for yourself!!

I also had an amazing burger, which they BBQ there!! On the roof! In the middle of a city!! Well, it’s kinda at the edge of the city. Isn’t it weird how in most cities, the city centre IS the centre, but with Liverpool, the city centre is where the city ends, as it’s on a river! Weird right?!

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Why you should care about Agent Carter

Agent Carter is finally coming to the UK, here’s a little intro and why you should give a shit about this.

If you don’t know, Agent Carter centres around Agent Peggy Carter, who assisted to end the war with people such as Captain America, settles into a post-war life in New York city, working for the S.S.R. And despite being so incredibly important in ending the war, Peggy is put down constantly for being a woman. Her achievements in the war are boiled down to a love affair with Captain America by most. And her daily routine has shifted from saving lives and kicking Nazi ass to collecting the lunch orders of all the men in the office. And obviously, Peggy is unsatisfied with that and goes and kicks ass.

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Body Shop Discoveries

Today I was having a bit of a down day, and thought I’ll put on Kelly Clarkson’s Greatest Hits album (there’s no get pumped jam like ‘Breakaway’ in existence, call me if you find a better one), whipped out my camera, and deciding to film a video and take some blogging pictures.

Thank you for motivating me Kelly.

So, I only delved into the skin care world about a year or two ago, and only extremely recently have I started utilising the Body Shop. And I shall never look back. I LOVE IT.

Today I thought I’d share a few of my favourite Body Shop products that I’ve been using at the mo’!

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Farm shop frolics

I feel like putting the word frolics into a title immediately makes it sound sexual. I just wanted an ‘f’ adjective to match the farm word.

Anyhoo, it’s been a while, and I’m sorry about that. Even though uni has ended, life hasn’t slowed down, it’s been a busy few weeks, I’ve been settling into a new job and have been working a lot, I moved out properly, I turned 20 and soon I should be starting an internship, so things are only going to get busier. I always thought uni would prepare me for the real world, but in fact it’s ruined me because working all day is hard guys, especially when you’re so used to having a day consisting of 2 hours of lectures and then doing a bit of work at home at my own leisure. And soon I’ll be working 6 days a week. That’s gonna kill me, but I need to stop letting my online life suffer because of it.

So last week, when my friend Keir and I both had a day off, we went to the Hollie’s farm shop in…well somewhere in Cheshire! This place is kinda near my college, which was in Northwich, but honestly, I have no clue where this place was. I didn’t leave near my college, so I’m not familiar with the area, but it seemed that everyone and their mother who went to my college worked in this place.

We went for breakfast, of course I ate it before I took a picture, but imagine a really good cooked breakfast.

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