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My desk has been a mess of colour co-ordinated notes and empty cereal bowls for a few weeks now

I’m sorry I’ve been so absent for the past few weeks! I’ve totally neglected my blog, which makes me sad because I do love writing on here, it’s one of my favourite things to do in my spare time.

But it’s exam time, so I don’t have too much spare time right now! I will be back in full force in a few weeks! Even though my summer may actually end up even busier as there’s a chance I could be working 2 jobs, one of which being full time, but who cares, I won’t have to revise and that means I can blog the night away!

I have a bunch of posts planned, some of these are part of a series on home ware, decorating and all that good stuff that you know I love, and otherwise I just want to make a few more long form text posts about things that matter to me. I’ve been planning one on Agent Carter for a while.

Thanks for reading and sticking by me and this blog in it’s absence!

Good luck to all of you in your exam period also! And good luck to any of you who could do with a little bit of that!

See you soon!

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Tyler Oakley’s Slumber Party!

Hi everyone!

As a well welcomed break from revision, I went to Tyler Oakley‘s Slumber Party tour in Manchester on Saturday night!

This was pretty amazing, Tyler has been one of my favourite YouTubers for a few years now, so it was awesome to see him. The last time I saw Tyler was at SITC 2014 on a panel about working with brands in the YouTube industry. (Ps. if you’re going to SITC this year, I really recommend that you hit up the panels, they’re really interesting and it’s a nice way to learn more about your favourite YouTubers)

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Keep me out of Lush

Hello everyone!

So I counted the amount of Lush products I had in my bathroom the other day, and I counted 13. Oops. I don’t even have a bath so I don’t own any of that stuff.

Then I recounted and realised I only have 8 products, which you can see down below (except the hand soap which is sat in it’s home [the sink].)

I have no clue how I counted 13. I’m still confused about that.

I thought we’d have a laid back post today in which I tell you what products I like to rub all over my pasty body.

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May the Fourth be with you


Today, as I’m sure you all know, is the day we all celebrate the massive cultural phenomenon that is Star Wars!

Star Wars came out 38 years ago this year, yet it’s still such an incredibly relevant franchise, with The Force Awakens coming out this December and please tell me that you’ve all seen the trailer because it’s INCREDIBLE!

I’ve only gotten into the Star Wars world over the past couple of months, and I truly have wasted the past 19 years by not being so involved with it all.

To celebrate this momentous day, here are some of my favourite behind the scenes pictures that I found:

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