Playlist of April

WOW this month has gone so fast. That’s more terrifying than anything because what do I have to show for April 2014? I watched Agent Carter and oh so many Marvel films for the one millionth time.

And despite my constant tweets, I was not invited to the Avengers: Age of Ultron premiere by Marvel. Looks like I need to sell my soul to Thanos to make it.

Mark my words, I will be on the red carpet for Infinity War!!

Anyway, I spent the vast, vast majority of April listening to old Maroon 5 albums because I’m a white middle-aged mom who spends her afternoons sat on the Missouri river.

Here is last month’s, which has a bit more variety than this one!

Here are some of my favourites:

Makes Me Wonder:

This is a possible contender for my favourite song of all time. But let’s be real, I could do a better job of this video.

Harder to Breathe

Aaaand I’m just gonna point out that I listened to the lyrics of this song today and…they seemed very misogynistic and it was uncomfortable. I need to look into this a bit more, but I hope that whoever wrote this song has grown since then!

Wake Up Call


Can’t Stop

Also I’ve listened to some Alphabeat, because Alphabeat are bomb

10,000 Nights


As always, here is my Spotify playlist that has some of these songs in:

I’m trying to get bitten by the blogging bug again at the minute, but it’s sorta hard with exams looming and a hell of a lot of work that I need to do. But we’ll see. By June 5th everything will be over and back to normal!!

Thanks for reading, look forward to more of my end-of-month-summing-up posts! They’re some of my favourites to write, I imagine the next one will be Reading, Read and To Read!

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