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March 29, 2015

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Playlist of March

Hello everyone!

This month has been an amazing month for music, and I really wanted to get this out while I had time. By that I mean whilst I wait for my dad to come pick me up from university because I don’t think I can carry this suitcase full of textbooks any further than straight to the car.

Anyway yes, I’ve gotten into tons of new music this month that I cannot wait to share with you right here!

You can check out last month’s here.

Our Own House (Album) – Misterwives

I started this month with listening to Misterwives, a band I’d never listened to before! Their album, Our Own House, is so upbeat and uplifting, it’s been really great to listen to on the way to and from university. The titular song, ‘Our Own House’ is my favourite, I also really like ‘Best I Can Do’.
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