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March 5, 2015

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Star Wars Haul

As a celebration for good results, working hard, getting everything done days before I needed to, and because of a general need for a new pair of jeans, I went shopping today.

I don’t go shopping that often, especially when considering I live within walking distance of a few shopping centres and a LOT of shops in Liverpool city centre/L1.

Today was a treat. Especially as it’s a Thursday, and I’ve spent the majority of the last few weeks working. At least during the week days. I know that’s what most people in the world do, but even with having a day off or two in the uni week, I tend to spend it working instead of going out somewhere. (#dedicatedstudent-ish)

Here’s what I bought:

Star Wars T-Shirt – £10 (£9 with student discount!) from Topman (in the sale!)

I LOVE this shirt! There are a billion Star Wars shirts out there, but something about this one made it a must buy. Which is odd, considering I tend to avoid anything featuring the ‘bad guys’ and would rather have a hero proudly adorned on my chest!

But the vintage looking shot of Vader looks amazing in the logo!

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