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March 4, 2015

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Playlist of February

I probably should have posted this in February, rather than on 4th March.

Especially as now all the music I’m listening to can’t go onto this post! I have to wait until next month!

I generally intend to make this a Spotify thing, linking my personal playlist at the end, updated with all of the songs I have been obsessed with throughout the month, however for the majority of February, I was listening to an album that isn’t on Spotify.

And you can probably guess what album that is, from the last sentence there.

Yes, I have been obsessed with 1989 by Taylor Swift. And I’m only a million months late to it!

I borrowed the album from my roommate Stacy, and never looked back. It has been constantly on repeat whilst walking to uni, or doing work, housework, or generally when I just want some music in the background.

I completely understand the hype around this album now, and why it became the fastest selling album in years!

There’s no filler, and no songs that I want to skip. I could, and have, listened to it for hours on repeat uninterrupted.

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