OOTD: University

Hello everyone,

Happy Monday! Today the sun is shining, and the skies are blue, it’s put me in a great mood. Not to mention, Monday is The Walking Dead day. Yesterday, Liverpool was very rainy and haily, which I am just now discovering is not a word, so it was very nice to wake up to clear blue sky this morning. That said, it’s still cold as balls. 

Liverpool is windy almost constantly, today that wind is not a cool summer breeze. Stepping outside was like holding a slushy and your hand begins to go numb, why would something so perfect hurt you in such a way? 

Going outside when it’s so blue and sunny tricks you into thinking it’ll feel like a nice Spring day, you’re so relaxed and happy with your neon blue slushie and then BAM you’re cold. I think I ended up mixing analogies.

ANYWAY, today I’m going to be doing an Outfit of the Day post. I have never done one of these before, so please bear with me, as even attempting simple things like this is a learning curve. Which I discovered in my attempt to take a mirror selfie this morning.

Every picture I took look oh so posed and awkward. I’ll master this art soon enough.

I wear this outfit quite a lot. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like an outfit that can work for a lot of different occasions, although it is far from a smart outfit. I feel like when you pair anything with a denim jacket and chelsea boots, it immediately passes as at least smart-casual. Whatever that means.

Here’s where everything is from:

Denim jacket: £30 @ H+M

(Not exact, as I got mine in the sale last September for £15, so maybe keep an eye out for that!)

Hogwarts Sweatshirt: £10 @ Primark

(I think it was £10, honestly I’m not sure as it was a gift, but I think it was around this price)

Black denim skinny jeans: £38 @ Topman

(They’re quite expensive, but they’re good quality, and Topman often does double discount days for students, meaning 20% off, so I felt like I could justify it. I wear these so much that I think I might get another pair when it’s double discount day next!)

Black chelsea boots: £19 @ Primark

(For £19, these are GREAT! They’re comfortable and I wear them SO much, and they aren’t showing many signs of wear)

A bit of a better shot of the boots. Although my jeans are kinda covering them, and my jeans are dirty. Nice job me. 

Two outtakes of this mirror session. 

Face and hair I made myself, so they’re available @ my Etsy.

And no, this outfit was not warm enough today. Why does this denim jacket have no pockets to warm my hands with?!

Thanks for reading! See you later!

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