Things I Wished to Know #3: Perspective

Been a while since we’ve had one of these ey?!?

These posts have been some of my most popular ones, so I do want to keep this series going, but I keep forgetting to schedule one! Maybe I’ll try doing it once a week or something, who knows. Don’t expect one a week, if you have low expectations then you will always be pleased. Maybe that will be the title of another one. But not really because have high expectations for some things.

That isn’t even what this post is on, so I better actually start talking about what this post IS about. And that is perspective! At least, I think perspective is the right word for it. What I’m trying to get at, mainly, is your perception of people’s lives from what little you see.

This comes up a lot with YouTubers, mainly as people make oh so many presumptions about their life and every detail that goes on, despite seeing a 10 minute window of their life a week, maybe more if they daily vlog, even then it’s still about 7 minutes a day, which is nothing compared to your actual full 24 hours.

I understand how it feels to think you know a YouTuber, I have felt like this in the past. Though, it wasn’t until I started making my own videos that I realised the people who watch them know almost nothing about me. You never see me out with friends for drinks, or watching Netflix with my flatmates in onesies, or stressing out over coursework, or when I had to clean my shower drain and almost threw up at the sight of someone else’s gross hair. None of these things in my life are ever on the internet. We never see YouTubers doing their washing, or doing the dishes, or doing things we all do, or stressing about things in their lives, as often they don’t want to broadcast that. I would not want to be filming myself when I’m crying about how I’m terrified for an exam. Nor would I want a camera in my face as I watch Scrubs as I get ready in the morning. Well, if it was a vlog day, I wouldn’t mind, but I would not like to have that on the internet EVERY SINGLE DAY.  No one would want to see that, and I like to have ‘me’ time. I’m sure every single YouTuber feels the same way at times.

It’s strange, sometimes. I filmed 3 videos in one day on Thursday, that has me set up for 2 Sundays and a Wednesday. That’s all of my life people would see for a week, that 20 minutes on a Thursday when I sat in front of the camera, with pre-selected topics to talk about. Watching videos isn’t like a real life interaction. Not in the slightest. For starters, when I film I’m taking to an unresponsive camera. Whilst I do imagine people listening and I try to be interactive, it’s not the same as a 2 way conversation. It’s also edited, which changes things.

This isn’t me trying to say that YouTubers are different in real life to what they are on the camera, what I am trying to get at is that YouTubers are all more than you see online. We aren’t 10 minutes a week, and our lives are much richer than they seem. Not richer money wise, though I would love if that were the case. The first thing I would do is buy a better camera and microphone, so you can watch and listen to that 10 minutes a week in even better quality. 

(Does referring to YouTubers as ‘we’ sound pretentious? It feels pretentious, but despite however unsuccessful my YouTube is, I am still a YouTuber!)

I don’t really know truly what the aim of this particular post was. I just see a lot of people act on the internet like they and a person they like are best friends despite never having met them. It’s cool to like them and it’s cool to look up to them. I do the same thing with a lot of YouTubers. I just think it’s always important to remember that their lives are different to what you see. There is much more to their lives than what is ever filmed, tweeted, instagrammed, etc.

I’m not trying to step on people’s feelings who highly look up to YouTubers, I guess I’m just trying to widen your view and just take notice to some things if you haven’t done so. I mean, I didn’t realise all of this until I was sat on the other side of the camera.

And I am filling this with disclaimers because I know the YouTube community will get riled up about anything. Seriously, have you stepped foot in any comment sections, because it is all out war there?!

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this long winded wall of text.

Finally, I leave you with these words and wisdom from Pokemon:

Have a great day, and I will see you tomorrow.

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