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January 2015

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I’ve gotten super into Parks and Recreation recently. I think it could be one of my favourite TV shows ever. I don’t want to say it’s definitively my favourite as Game of Thrones holds that crown for now.

Get it, crown!?

On Wednesday night, I watched the infamous ‘TREAT YO SELF’ episode, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a 30 second clip that will explain everything:

I hear Aziz Ansari saying that every time I go onto Amazon. And so here was the result:

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#TBT #5: Florence and the Machine

These TBT’s always seem to focus on music but here we are.

My #TBT series focuses on things that I love and have loved before I made YouTube videos and blogposts, so these things have never been talked about too much on videos/posts. This series is here so I can gush about all of these great things!

Today it’s on Florence and the Machine. The greatest band on Earth. Or at least one of them, I don’t know I’m exaggerating so everything sounds exciting.

I’ve been watching too much Parks and Recreation, I’m hearing everything I type in Amy Poehler’s voice.

Florence and the Machine are SO GREAT. I know I describe everything as SO GREAT, but that is because they are SO GREAT.

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Pokemon Notepads

The purpose of this post is to show you something super cool that came in the mail yesterday.

You know how I love Pokemon.

And you know how I love stationary, especially notepads.

I present to you, my new Pokemon notepads!

I love anything with Pikachu drawn in the Pokemon Center style. I just bought a phone case covered in Pokemon Center Pikachu. Keep an eye on my Instagram for that one.

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Home Workspace

Today’s post was going to be titled with a GREAT joke, but the stuff I need for the post is in Liverpool, and for the rest of the week, I am not!!

I’m home for a few days before the next semester kicks in, so I thought I would share my desk/workspace that I’m probably not going to be sat at all that much. Because I’m either playing on the Wii U or in bed watching Parks and Recreation.

My home desk is MUCH busier and messier than my uni desk. I never give it a proper tidy because I’m only home for a weekend generally, and I don’t spend lots of time in front of it, though one time I really will. Especially when I come back for summer, because the mess bugs me every single time.

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