Currant Jams

God that pun is so great, I have been waiting to use it for a while. Ps I can spell current, if you’re confused. It’s all part of the scheme.

I’ve been thinking, there’s a long of songs at the minute which I can’t stop listening to, yet they’re not songs that I am in LOVE with, and not songs that I would put on a list of my favourite songs, if you understand what I mean? These songs are my jams. My jams at the minute. My jams at this moment in time. They are currently my jams. They are my current jams. They are my currant jams.

Maroon 5- Maps

I am obsessed with this song! I’m not a huge fan of male vocalists but Adam Levine is 100% my favourite. This song is so great, and I sing around the house all the time, terribly because I have no vocal range and Adam Levine has them all. All the vocal ranges in the world. I’ve put the audio up instead of the actual video because hot damn those constant tire screeches are annoying.

Bette Midler- I Put a Spell on You

I watched Hocus Pocus for the first time the other day, and I LOVED it! I knew I would because Disney + Halloween will NEVER equal something not incredible. This song has been stuck in my head ever since, and I can’t get myself to stop saying ‘Thank you Max, for that MAAAAARHHHHvelous introduction!’

Also I really fancy Sarah Jessica-Parker in this film, is that weird?! I don’t find her attractive normally, but as a witch I’m all over it!?

Meghan Trainor- All About That Bass

This song is so great. It’s so great for many reasons. One because, it’s catchy as all hell, and two because it actually has a brilliant message behind it. Songs about body positivity are great and should be encouraged, and yes, while this does edge on skinny shaming a bit, as Tyler Oakley says, no one comes out of the womb socially aware, and this seems unintentional. Never the less, this is a huge step forward, and it is an awesome song.

Sia- Chandelier

The best part about this video is that you can try to recreate it and give yourself a hernia in 3 easy minutes.

And it’s also a great, and really catchy song. I’m late to the Chandelier loving party, but now I’m here and it’s my anthem.

Troye Sivan- Touch

This song has been on repeat for a really long time. It’s so good, and hot damn that drop. I feel that drop, like I feel it.

Troye’s whole EP makes my ears very happy.

What songs are you loving at the moment?


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