Welcome to Interviewed, a series of discussions and chats with creators of all kinds.

Today we're joined by Haydy of Squibbvicious, a travel expert, London know-it-all and food connoisseur. Haydy is one of the few bloggers I've been lucky enough to spend some time with, she's just as hilarious, kind and bubbly in real life as she is online. 

D: What do you do online as a creator?

H: I blog about travel, food, festivals, London, Essex and all the other bits inbetween, make YouTube videos, spend too much time on Instagram, and moan about my daily commute on Twitter! I also spend a hell of a lot of time emailing people about collabs - does that count?!

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Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of discussions and chats with creators of all kinds.

Today we're blessed by the company of a man with the eye for manmade structures and a wizard of words, Nik Speller.

D: What do you do online as a creator?

N: I’m a writer, first and foremost. That’s why I started blogging (all those years ago); I was looking for a ‘creative outlet’ and decided writing about food and restaurants was the way to go, as - at the time - it was pretty much the only thing I was interested in.

Since then, I’ve boosted my photography skills a little, helped in no small part by working with Mat on his blog, Buckets and Spades.

My photography has mainly been for the blog, when Mat’s had to be in front of the camera and needed some help in getting the perfect shot. I’ve also started a bit of a sideline in architectural photography over on Instagram - totally by accident, I’ll add. It was just something I started doing on a dull, boring day off, and as folks seemed to like it, I’ve kept it on.

Writing is still my main passion, though, and - thankfully - I’ve been able to upgrade from writing for my own (very small) food blog to contributing to Buckets and Spades (and a few others) on a whole range of very cool projects. Fortunately, I’ve also been able to carry writing into my day-to-day work too: writing articles on influencer marketing and the digital world in general, which seem to have really resonated with people.

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Restless early twenties.

I'm 22 and life sometimes feels like a hot fucking mess.

That's not a lyric from a Lana Del Rey song, nor a t-shirt from H + M but a musing I had one fine Tuesday afternoon at my desk staring out of the window and having a mild crisis on the inside whilst keeping that office friendly face painted on.

Other days, like the Thursday afternoon on which I continue to type away, feel completely normal and like my life is well rounded. Not exactly spherical, but kind of like a the shape of a Poke Ball or a sad apple.

As I get that little bit older each and every day, I'm realising that the future is almost entirely in my own hands, I'm the painter and life is this big ol' blank canvas. I have one of those little paint palettes and can do whatever I want with it, though sometimes it feels like I have one of those crappy ones you have to add water to to even get a bit of colour. I'm the sculptor with a ball of clay in front of me, imagine some more creative metaphors because I'm tired or trying here.

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