Music has always been a big part of my life, for the last year in particular. I wanted to share some of the artists that have had a lasting effect on me and my life today! Going in chronological order, let's start with...


My sister Suzanne had the albums 'Made of Bricks' and 'Back to Black', for me, two of the most iconic albums of the 00's. I listened to them constantly, and even now I play them on the regs. These albums came into my life during those very important pre-teen years when I was just beginning to form my own musical tastes, and whilst the topics of these songs were beyond a 12 year old's comprehension, I still hung onto every word I went to see one of Kate Nash's 10th Anniversary Made of Bricks shows and it was frigging lit. (I'm writing this before I go, I assume it will be lit?) 

I can now confirm it was lit.


Ah yes, the angsty teen years we all know and love so well. These two were my bands of choice. Slightly angry and just alternative enough that I felt like I was going against the grain of society but not so out there that everyone I hung out with was still totally into them and they sold out (and still sell out) arenas and huge venues.

Most of my friends are still into both bands! Both have really evolved over the years and done a bloody good job at staying fresh and exciting despite line up changes. It's still a major dream of mine to see P!ATD perform, it's always so hard to get tickets because on the rare occassion they do perform in the UK, they do tiny venues!

Paramore I went to see in June, the night before my birthday! Our seats couldn't have been worse, but it was still an absolutely amazing night! My third time seeing them and my third time dancing around for what seemed like an endless set of bangers.


'Home' is a song that I have such specific associations with- sitting in a park during summer holidays aged somewhere between 12-14. I'd listen to it on repeat, via my iPod Nano 2nd generation of course, on my short walk to meet my friends, where we'd sit for hours on end on a field, and then do this the day after and the day after until summer was over.

This is more an association to one song rather than a band, but I'm gonna let it slide.


Marina is one of those incredibly unique artists who is very underappreciated for her art. Her lyrics are like nothing else I've ever read/heard. Her voice is so distinctive and her production is next level. I got really into Marina around the time of 'Primadonna', again, as did so many. Her music reminds me of my early college days, listening to her on the bus constantly, prepping to go see her in what was my first concert in years. 

It's funny looking back at how few concerts I went to during high school, it's August and I've been to more gigs this year that I probably did during high school and college combined.

Marina's next album came out during my second year of uni and I went to see her in Manchester twice during the Neon Nature Tour, I bloody love her live.


Royals hit the charts just before I started University in 2013, like a million other teens, it became my soundtrack for the summer. Pure Heroine, Lorde's debut album, was then the soundtrack to my commute to and from uni, which in theory I thought would take about 40 mins. It took well over an hour. I hated it SO much, I began to loathe going to uni, the workload felt unbearable and I went into an extremely stressed place that I've never been to before or since. I had many, MANY thoughts of dropping out, however I stuck it through.

Everyday I'd listen to 'Pure Heroine' on my long walk to the train station, and on the train there, and then on the next walk, it took fucking ages. Lorde's album might have been documenting the struggles you go through as a teen, a bit younger than myself at the time, but it all felt so raw, so real and something I could really find myself getting lost in. I let this album become my life, I listened to it everyday like some sort of weird, musical ritual.

Now a few years on, Melodrama is out and again feels incredibly relevant to my life. Read my thoughts on Melodrama and Green Light here


Ah, my crowning glory, my love for the band Bastille. About a year ago, I quit my job that was bringing me down after graduating University on a complete whim. I wanted to go to V Festival, knew I couldn't get the time off and just decided to quit and make some life changes.

Of course, life didn't comply. I then struggled to find a job in the field I wished, despite having a first class degree and experience in said field. Thus began my spiral of being at home almost 7 days a week, apart from when I was out volunteering. I was broke, I was sad, I was alone for most of the day and I just felt so shit. Life had gone from living with my best friends in a beautiful city, to being back in my bedroom in my parent's house in a small town with nothing going on in my personal life.

Bastille's performance at V was incredible, we danced and sang in the battering down rain and had an amazing time. After this I fell deep into their music, listening to it day in day out, watching the videos, reading what the lyrics mean, and I found myself having a deep connection to every track and loving the meanings behind the words, the stories in the music, and seeing how a group of 4 lads built their way up from the bottom.

Things are a lot different a year on. I got a job, moved to London, worked my ass off on various projects, including starting a career in music journalism. Bastille reinvigorated my passion for music, it went from just a love to something that is more than an integral part of my life. That day at V Festival feels as if it changed my life for the better, maybe that sounds dramatic, but as I was losing hope and confidence in myself, I found a path that lead me to bigger and better things.

And I've now seen Bastille 8 times, with a 9th coming up. Completely by chance, I've bumped into frontman Dan Smith twice, and he's been the kindest man. My love for this band isn't ending soon, and I feel like I owe them a great deal.


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