July is over, it seems the summer is gone with it to, but I'm here with my top picks of this month's music releases.

If you wanna catch up on June's music, click here.

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Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of discussions with bloggers, YouTubers, musicians, artists and creators of all kinds.

Today we're joined by self-proclaimed bonkers YouTuber Kelsey 'who's got the budget?' Ellison

D: What do you do online as a creator?

K: I create a variety of videos from original music, covers, vlogs, lifestyle, cosplay and fashion videos! I'm a big fan of J-pop and K-pop music, so you see a lot of that influence in my videos. My channel is kind of like my creative diary, there's never really one thing I do, I like to experiment and try new things out all the time! But you can guarantee that it will most likely be colourful and cute!

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This post is rather overdue, I've lived here for over 7 months now. We'll roll with it though won't we.

So in this 'X a Londoner' series I discuss my thoughts and feelings about this great city from the perspective of someone who's only lived here for X amount of time.

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Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of conversations with creators of all kinds from all over the internet and 3D world.

Today we're joined by one of the UK's top men's fashion and lifestyle bloggers, Sam Squire of

D: What do you do as a creator?

S: I'm a blogger, I blog about men's fashion and lifestyle over on I'm Sam Squire, with a few extra bits added in here and there including things like motoring reviews and even discussing mental health - it's a place full of something for every type of guy!

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Creating fresh content is bloody hard.

Content is consumed thick and fast these days. We scroll through hundreds of tweets like they're nothing, breeze through a bunch of articles and binge loads of YouTube videos without a second thought. Of course this isn't entirely a new phenomenon, newspapers are daily, and radio's been going for far longer than any of us have been around.

The speed society digests content can be difficult for content creators. I feel as if I'm constantly typing away on the next blogpost, and the minute it's finished I'm worrying about what's coming next.

 There always has to be a next post. 

For there to be a next post there needs to be a new idea. 

To make a new idea become reality there needs to be time.

But there isn't much of it, as life's just as fast paced as the speed we take in all this content being made, being forced on us from every angle. 

All of this culminates on an incredible pressure to be creative. Creativity isn't something you can force, that's something everybody knows. Your best ideas don't come to you in the moment you're desperately clawing at anything at all, likewise your best work will never be that which you've made to out of simply needing content to fill a space. I'll hold my own YouTube channel up to attest to that, for months I made videos just so that there was fresh content to be watched, even if I personally thought they were, well... shite.

But I want to make content week by week. I manage on this blog, just about, although I have more ideas than time and resources for the blog really. It's not just about being creative, it's about being resourceful, managing time effectively and being creative.

For YouTube I can find myself struggling with ideas and really battling with the concept vs the final product. An idea seems great on paper and then you're watching it back on iMovie and realising that it's all quite dull in reality. No one is going to want to watch something you yourself find tedious to sit through.

 Although there's a whole market for watching hot knifes cut through various things, so I'm sure there's an audience for all my boring crap out there.

What this spiel boils down to is that being a content creator means always thinking, always innovating, always working and never, ever switching off. The minute you switch off as a blogger, as a writer, as a producer, as a YouTuber, as a musician, whatever, is the minute you slip and fall behind. Or so it seems from the inside. A little break never hurt anyone, but my god does it feel like it will.

So friends, family and fellow creators what do you think? How do you find the battle of creativity?


Before moving to London I lived in Liverpool, and spent all of my life growing up far enough away to not be a scouser, but close enough to be called a wool. Liverpool is home to me, and now I'm oh so far away I'm asked a fair bit about where to hang out, where to drink, what to do with limited time there when visiting.

NEVER FEAR. I know all the best Liverpool haunts and I'm here to share them in the Liverpool guide, starting with VIEWS!

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Welcome to #INTERVIEWED, a series of discussions with creators of all kinds!

Today we're joined by singer/songwriter, Josh Savage! Josh is not only super talented, I got to see him in action at a To Kill a King gig recently, but he's also at the forefront of the fight to bring music back to living rooms! What a guy.

D: When did you begin creating your own music?

J: At 15 after hearing Coldplay's first album.

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Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of chats and discussions with creators all over the internet!

Today we're joined by Manchester based fashionista and foodie Ste of StyleFade!

D: What is it you do as a creator?

S: I use my blog to talk about anything and everything, whether that's what I wore today or where I had dinner yesterday. It's a way for me to release some creativity.

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It's that time again, and June has been something else entirely. There are far more tracks in here than usual, so settle in and get ready!

See the tracks I loved last month right here!

Perfect Places - Lorde

Just before the full Melodrama album dropped, Lorde gave us another teaser through 3 minutes of ethereal pop making us question why we all booze to excess. Despite getting existential, it's everything you need.

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