Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of interviews with creators of all kinds. Today we're joined by beardy wizard extraordinaire: Steven Bridges!

Photo Credit: Anna Holling

D: What is it you do online as a creator?

S: I'm a magician and street performer. So my channel involves me performing magic directly to the camera, to other YouTubers, and to people on the street. I also vlog my life as a street performer.

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May has been my least favourite month of music in 2017 thus far. It's not been a bad month by any stretch of the imagination, but the first 4 really delivered. However, I've still listed my favourite fire tracks of the month here, and there have been some GREAT ones.

Catch April's post here.

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22nd March 2016

This morning is one that will stick out in my memory forever, I made a full post featuring pictures of Ikebukuro in a post around a year ago, you can find that here.

In the evening of the 21st I found out I wouldn't be able to interview for my dream graduate job. I'd been shortlisted, but the interview took place whilst I was still in Japan as at this point I still had almost 3 weeks left in the country. I was pretty much told to not bother contacting them anymore as if I wasn't in the UK at the time of interview, I was out. This was the first of MANY rejections I received when searching for a grad job, I got used to it pretty quickly, but this one stung.

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Welcome to Interviewed, a series of interviews and conversations with creators of all kinds.

Today we're joined by my friend Rach from The Gallective. Before Rach gets into explaining it better than I ever could, I want to briefly mention that we've known each other for a whole 5/6years now. We met when we were 16/17 at college, long before I began this blog, long before Rach started the Gallective. 

Here we are in 2017 doing our thing online and we're able to collab a bit with it. To me that's totally rad!

D: Tell me a bit about the Gallective.

R: The Gallective is an ever-growing space for the discussion of modern day sexism, sexual assault and rape, and the importance of feminism. No issue too big or too small. It's built on submissions from any and all, discouraging the incorrect exclusion of men that can sometimes be the message that people think feminists stand for.

My main aim with The Gallective is to promote the therapeutic benefits of talking about and creating around experiences and opinions.

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It's a mighty big planet, even when you visit a country you don't end up seeing more than a small percentage. Every country on the planet is incredibly diverse, filled with amazing towns and cities and crowded with brilliant people.

Just seeing the capital can never be enough! I've thrown together a list of a couple of countries I've already been to, but haven't seen enough of.

This is the revisit list!


I haven't visited since I was a child and now have approximately...0 memory of it. Now I live down south, I have a dreamy idea of getting a sleeper train all the way up to Scotland through all the countryside. 

Plus my friend worked at a macaron shop in Edinburgh, I sampled them once and they were mindblowingly good.

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Last Thursday I was not only lucky enough to see To Kill a King play the first of their three nights across three venues in London. On Friday I chatted to Ben (synth + vocals) and Josh (drums) ahead of their show in Hackney.

D: How was last night?

Josh: Yeah, fantastic, it had been a really long time since we gigged. We had a little taster the week before, my parents have a little café and they asked if we’d like to do a gig, it kind of exploded a little bit and we ended up doing it at a proper venue as a full band and it was a nice little taste to get us into gigging again. It made us all very excited for this little trio of gigs that we had coming up. 

Ben: I felt like it went well last night, considering how long it had been.

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Located within the grounds of the Fondazione Prada is a small cafe designed by the one and only Wes Anderson!

Bar Luce might be a little out of the way compared to how close everything else feels in Milan, but it's definitely worth a visit.
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Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of interviews with creators of all kinds.

Today we're joined by Robyn of Midnight and Lace, a true fashion icon for all of us who love to wear black on black year round.

D: What is it that you do online as a creator?

R: I run a fashion and lifestyle blog over at Midnight and Lace. I'm mainly a fashioner blogger now (I think?!) but I love using it as my space to talk about things I'm interested in like embracing the unique and all things a bit out of the ordinary!

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Switching Off.

I find it very hard to switch off.

This is a real old pic now, but let's roll with it.

I'm writing this as I sit on a train back to London on a sunny Sunday evening, the perfect time to relax and forget the rest of the world. I first thought of this post on a train out of London on a rainy Friday evening, again, another great time to sit back and completely turn off. Instead I found myself scrawling away into one of the many notepads that sit at the bottom of my bags and coat pockets.

It's hard to draw the line of 'motivated go-getter' and 'workaholic', or rather 'hobbyholic' (doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?) as the things I find myself caught up in aren't exactly paying the bills. I'm always thinking about what I can write, what I can create, how I can turn the moment I'm experiencing into something that I can relive over and over. How can I make better use of my time than hitting 'play next' on Netflix?

This is the curse of being your own boss in some capacity, I imagine being freelance and self-employed full time only magnifies this intensely. There's no end of the day when it's your own projects, there's no leaving the office when it's your own home. Many of the boundaries seperating life from work simply don't exist. How can you say that you've done enough or been productive enough when there aren't set times to get your work done? 

When you're in charge, you're in charge. Be that with thinking of content, of thinking of new ideas, but you're also in charge of yourself and keeping you happy, healthy and as stress-free as possible. That's a lot of responsibility for one person! 

How do you find switching off? Is it easy, is it hard, is it something you're an expert at or something you've never considered?

Milan's Aperol Bar

Views and booze. Two of my favourite things.

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Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of interviews and discussions with creators of all kinds. Today we're joined with the YouTuber and artist of many incredible talents, Hannah-Marie of CottonBun!

Photo credit: Louisa Cook

D: What do you do online?

H: I make YouTube videos! Mostly about all of the fandoms I am part of (Disney, Nintendo, Harry Potter...) as well as art and craft themed videos.
I love painting, making, and being creative, especially when I can fuse my artistic side with my nerdy interests. Doing this online means I can be inspired as well as inspire other people to be creative at the same time!

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New Music of the Month - April 2017

Get ready for a bumper edition of New Music of the Month! There have been loads of amazing new tracks released the last couple of weeks and there's no better place to catch them all than right here!

Check out March's new music here.

Crowded Places - Banks

This stripped back track from Banks (say that four times fast) is the anti-thesis to songs like 'Brain' which we know her so well for. This song is built to chill too, but it feels like such a 'real' and tough track.

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