Welcome to #INTERVIEWED, a series of chats with creators of all kinds.

Today we're joined by my friend Charlie of ModishMale, known for his style and for disliking corn on the cob but liking sweetcorn. That's weird right? Let him know that.

D: What do you do online?

C: In general? Or blog related?

D:Blog related, I don't wanna know about your dirty online habits.

C: I have a men's lifestyle blog called Modish Male, which covers a wide variety of topics from fashion and grooming to theatre and food and everything in between! So something for everyone!

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New Music of the Month - March 2017

It's that time once again, 2017 is flying by. We're a quarter of the way through, that's very unnerving!

This month one of my favourite artists made her return. That alone made this an amazing month for music.

Catch up on February's music here.

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Here's a complete list of every post on places I've visited around the world:

B U D A P E S T // H U N G A R Y

T O K Y O // J A P A N

O S A K A // J A P A N

K Y O T O // J A P A N

H I R O S H I M A // J A P A N 

O S L O // N O R W A Y

S T O C K H O L M // S W E D E N 

M I L A N // I T A L Y 






L A K E  C O M O // I T A L Y 


T H E  E D E N  P R O J E C T / / U N I T E D  K I N G D O M

S K E L L I G  M I C H A E L / / R E P U B L I C   O F   I R E L A N D 


H E L S I N K I  / / F I N L A N D 

T A L L I N N / / E S T O N I A 

R I G A / / L A T V I A

S I A U L I A I / / L I T H U A N I A 

V I L N I U S / / L I T H U A N I A


Welcome back to #INTERVIEWED, a series of discussions with creators of all types! Today we're joined by my friend Luisa! Luisa and I met at a party at the old YouTube Space, where we bonded over free pizza and booze. I think that's a solid base for any friendship.

D: What do you do on your section of the internet?

L: I blog over at - it's a lifestyle blog focusing on vegan food, cruelty-free makeup, live music, product reviews and fun stuff to do around London (and other places I visit). 

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Concert Wishlist

Mondays always seem to be music posts. Maybe I should make music Mondays a thing on here.

This week I'm listing off some amazing musicians I wish I'm able to see perform live in concert one day, and some that I'll never be able to see perform, and I truly wish I could have done.


SCANDAL are a four piece Japanese indie/rock/pop band that have been around for ages now. I first fell in love with SCANDAL when I was 14 I think, near 8 years later and I'm still a huge fan.

Their music spans genres, they've toyyed around with their style over the last 10 or so years, and it's really paid off, for the most part.

The girls seem to perform in London once a year or so, now I live here I'm hoping I get the chance to see them soon. SCANDAL's greatest hits dropped not too long ago, fingers crossed there's an accompanying tour.

Bonus fact: I spent most of my teenage years yearning after Rina (third from left), the drummer of the band. My crush is still strong.

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Ice Bar + Aifur Viking Restaurant

Welcome to the FINAL Stockholm post! 

If you want to catch up on earlier posts click here

Stockholm's famous ICEHOTEL houses the ICEBAR, which at the time of our visit (November 2016)  contained a room formed of 35 tonnes of ice!

Coloured lights were embedded in the walls of ice. Don't ask me how this works, science isn't my strong point.

The theme was 'Wild Encounters', foxes, bears, you NAME it.

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Welcome back to #INTERVIEWED, a series of interviews with people from all over the internet + creative world.

Today we're joined by one of the current pioneers in the blogging world,creator of the #GirlGang, Jemma of Dorkface.

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Soundtrack to our messed up world

To not beat around the bush, our world is pretty f*cked up at the minute, although it's always been a bit of a terrible place.

Now more than ever, we exist in uncertain times. At least this is the most uncertain and strange period of time since I've been on Earth anyway. (Not referring to my birth, I'm referring to the time my home planet dropped me off to never pick me up)

All over the world people are using their voices to express their anger, confusion, sadness, shock, sorrow, guilt, determination. We live in uncertain times. 

Music is an art form, one used by so many to capture a moment in time, to capture whatever the hell we live in right now. 

Here's a couple of tracks appropriate for the current state of things. State to be interpreted in the colloquial meaning of 'fucked up state'

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Museum of Medieval Stockholm // Snow Covered Treks

Hello and welcome back to Stockholm, Sweden.

Catch up on the first few posts here:




Yes, we ate a place called Wiener and yes we laughed at it heartily.

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Welcome back to #INTERVIEWED, a series of interviews with people from all over the internet.

Today we're joined by someone with the coolest hair ever, Jess of IAMFOXXTAILZ

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Two Months a Londoner

Another addition to 'X a Londoner'

Catch up on the other's here:

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Stockholm's Decorated Metro System

Stockholm's metro system is something else entirely. Many stations are beautifully decorated, they're works of art.

We took a journey around some of the most famous and adored! You can learn a little more about specific stations here. We didn't visit all of those mentioned, but did visit all mentioned here. Ashlea's blogpost served as our guide for the day.

Ashlea nails down how much this tour will cost and it's timings, however we used a 24 hour travel card as we were starting from a different station and would be heading all over the city in the afternoon/evening.

You can also take a guided tour for free, however it is entirely in Swedish.
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Green Light - Lorde

Green light - the first single of Lorde's sophomore album, Melodrama is out now.

Lorde's debut album, Pure Heroine, was released 3 1/2 years ago. It served as the soundtrack to my daily commute to uni. Since then we've had some music from Ella, for The Hunger Games and her amazing collaboration with Disclosure, Magnets (click the link to read my take on that song). It's no secret I love Lorde's music, in fact my first post on this site references her.

Green Light is new for Lorde, it's the closest to a summer pop track she's had, however it's still a Lorde track. Meaning it's much more a euphoric journey than a summer anthem. It'll have you up dancing wherever you are, however you're feeling.

Green light is almost two songs in one. The piano 'riff' in the prelude to the chorus could have been ripped from a different track, we're connected only by the consistency of Lorde's distinctive sultry voice. Not many artists could pull this transition off.

Her lyrics are, as always, intense, relatable and screaming of our youth. Being a similar age to Ella, I find myself in her lyrics often. My personal favourite line in Green Light is 'Those great whites, they have big teeth', later reworked into 'Those great rumours, they have big teeth'.

 This track is about her first real heartbreak, and so calls to anyone experiencing heartbreak, be it in the traditional sense or not. In some way, we're all waiting for that green light, whatever it may be. This track puts that absolutely shit feeling into something that'll get you onto your feet.

Pure Heroine reflected Ella's early-mid teen years, Melodrama will take us through the wild years she's had since becoming an international superstar, all whilst still freshly an adult. 

There's a reason David Bowie took a shine to Ella. I think we'll be hearing that reason soon.


Today we're joined with my friend Jack of I'll let him introduce himself:

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