New Music of the Month - January 2017

January has been a good month in the music world, we're off to a good start in 2017. Let's hope it continues you this way, 2016 was bloody incredible, 2017 can you top it?!

Here are some of my favourite tracks released this month, or blowing up this month:

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Koh Phangan - Stockholm's Glow in the Dark Thai Restaurant

Welcome to Stockholm, and the first of my posts covering my amazing weekend in this incredible city.

Not to be confused with Koh Phan Gan island, Koh Phangan is a chain of two restaurants/bars operating in Stockholm, serving amazing Thai food and great drinks all in a wild neon fantasy.

We visited the Sodermalm restaurant, but there is another in Ostermalm.

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Welcome back to INTERVIEWED! Today we're joined by my friend Dan of DanCooleDaily! This interview was incredibly fun to do, and seriously interesting - enjoy!

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2016 in review: Instagram Best Nine

It might be a 2016 year in review in mid-January, but hey my blog schedule is busy between INTERVIEWED, X amount of time a Londoner and travel posts!

Let's look back at my instagram best nine, which showcased some of my favourite moments of the year, even if it featured the least staged and edited of my pictures! I work hard on posting nice shots of landscapes and cities to instagram, but ho hey the ones of silly old me are the ones my friends like.

1) Greg Rutherford 

I dressed as Greg Rutherford this Halloween, as part of my 'Inspiring Gingers Through Time' Halloween 2016 theme. Greg himself approved of it, as did his wife Suzy, cheers for the support guys!

This costume involved a lot of masking tape, fabric tape and iron on transfer paper. It came out surprisingly well for a costume made of the shittest materials possible.

2) The dab

I posted a whole spiel with this insta about how this picture came out, for the shorter, not as a fun version, I dabbed as Amy told me to and the club photographer kept shouting 'NO DABBING'

3) Stockholm Snow Boy

We visited Stockholm in November, whilst the city was experiencing some of the worst snow it had experienced in November for 100 years. We had a bit of a photoshoot in the snow using my trusty Calvin the Camera.

4) Vincent Van Gogh

My other 'Inspiring Ginger Through Time' costume was Vincent Van Gogh. This was a fun costume to make as it consisted entirely of things I already owned, including the sunflower.

5) S C O U S E  P O W E R 

Taken the same night as the dab. Couldn't not pose with some SCOUSE POWER graffiti. Especially now that I'm the token Northerner in any circles I mix in in London.

6) Graduation

Yes, this is a genuinely nice one with people I love and all, back to me dressed as other gingers. 

7) Obi-Wan Kenobi

I slept little and sewed lots for a long time resulting in this cosplay, it's the best I've ever done. Fae made the armour and she KILLED IT.

8) Oslo Idiot

Surprise, surprise, I wore a black t-shirt, black jeans and black trainers and posed like a right dick somewhere publicly.

9) Liverpool

My favourite view in the city and one of my favourite places on Earth. I love Liverpool so much, I do miss it a lot being over 200 miles away. It does make me sad thinking that it'll have changed so much the next time I go back, though Liverpool will always be what I consider home.

Even moreso as my actual hometown is too small for anyone down here to know, with Liverpool being the closest city, it's easier to say that. I did live there for 2 years, and I consider it more a hometown than my actual hometown.

And that's my top 9 for the year. See you in 2018 for 2017's!

Oslo Part 6: Oslo Opera House

Welcome to one of Oslo's most famous landmarks: Oslo Opera House, known as the operahuset in Norwegian!

Sitting right on the beautifully clean fjord, the spotless white building blends in perfectly, even with the large yellow letters spelling 'WAR' on the front. 

This was part of a promotion for an event going on, we actually saw it getting it removed the next morning!

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Today our guest on INTERVIEWED is someone I'm so happy to be able to call a good friend of mine. I truly enjoyed putting this together, as I was able to learn so much about my ol' buddy, ol'pal Callie of CallieSakura.

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Top 10 Travel Tips

It always sounds pretentious to say that you've done a fair share of travelling, however I sorta have in the recent past, in the last year anyway. I've been on a bit of a budget the last few years due to being a student and having rent to pay, now I'm going to be on an even tighter budget being an intern living in London.

I never wanted to compromise my love of travelling, I worked hard to make sure I could still travel as much as I could. Here's a couple of tips that have made it possible for me to see parts of the world, it doesn't always have to be expensive.

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A Week a Londoner

Well by the time this is posted I'll have been a Londoner for much more than a week, but ho hey I have a blog schedule to keep and this didn't fit in right away!

Continuing swiftly on from last time:

The Tube costs more than I thought. I am constantly topping up my Oyster.

Still so convenient though, damn.

Sirens, sirens everywhere.

Chicken shops, chicken shops everywhere.

Hilarity had with the DLR conductor telling us all to get a nice lunch. Banter appreciated.

Trying to get into a cafe in a particularly touristy part of London on New Year's Day?? Not happening bruv.

Ok so can people hear what I'm playing out of my headphones on the tube? I'm listening to podcasts and I don't want people to hear.

We are all mad because train fare went up and London runs on trains. This is bad. To be fair this is bad anywhere and I was already pissed off because up North I rely on trains too. Just not quite as much.

I bumped into my housemate on the Tube. Same train, same carriage, only separated by the doors. Small world indeed.

London is sort of like any other city, at the same time it feels so much different.

Either way, London feels like home already.


Every Wednesday a new Interviewed appears on, featuring people from all over the internet. This week we are joined by my friend Isagination!

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Oslo Part 5 - Akershus Castle and Fortress

You'd be surprised by how quiet some streets of Oslo can be, it wasn't unusual to walk the length of rather central streets without encountering anybody at all. Being used to Liverpool and London, this is bizarre.

The approach to Akershus is signified by the farmhouse-esque buildings. If you're utilising the hop on, hop off bus like we did, this is only a short walk from one of the stops.
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Welcome to Interviewed, a brand new series for this site consisting of interviews with a whole host of content creators and influencers from all over the internet. Each week we'll learn a bit more about what they do and who they are, and what keeps them ticking! I hope you're as excited as I am for this!

For the first ever post, I'm so happy to be interviewing my friend Nicole of ThriftyVintageFashion.

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Goodbye 2016!

It might be a few days late to post a look back at 2016, but it's been a mighty busy couple of days, I haven't had a chance to look back at the last few minutes let alone look back at the entire year. 2016 has been a rollercoaster of a year, there's been major disappointments, disasters, and losses for the world. In my personal life, I've overcome some obstacles, hit major milestones and been at the highest and lowest points I think I've ever been at.

I started 2016 with a 6am shift at ASDA. I remember going to bed on New Year's Day at 12:10am. I didn't start it very well. Then someone in the canteen was talking about how they think Sia is stupid. It really didn't start well.

January was a bit of a whirlwind, I was in the first exam/coursework period of my third and final year of my degree. I had so much coursework, it was probably the hardest exam period of the entire degree. I averaged out at a 2:1 at this point, that's mega good, but I personally was disappointed as I had been averaging on a strong first grade, and my results which dragged me down were in a module I very much struggled in, and one I recognised I didn't try hard enough in. After this, I had a week off alongside my course and flatmates, we drank, we shopped, we partied, it was a great time. 

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