24 hours a Londoner


I've moved to London now. Over 200 miles from home to a city I love filled with ten million people, of which I know about 15 in total. One of the most expensive cities on Earth whilst working an entry level job. It's going to be fun, interesting, scary all at the same time.

That's also the reason there's been a bit of a silence on my blog, I've been busy moving and it's also been Christmas too. A very busy week if I've ever had one.

I want to start a series with a post every now and then collating my thoughts on feelings as I learn to live in this city, starting with my first 24 hours here:

  • Everything is expensive and I fear for its price
  • The snap filters are the local ones instead of the 'London' ones and I care about this far too much
  • God, drinks are expensive here. So is food. Why does being in the capital mean that your food costs more???
  • An hour and a half to get across the city? Normal. You can get from central Liverpool to central Manchester way quicker.
  • Buses are so convenient. Tap your Oyster/card and be done with it.
  • There's plague victim burial sites still about. I don't know how I feel about that.
  • If Google Maps says the supermarket is a superstore, prepare for it to be tiny because it's London and there's no room for supermarkets everywhere.
  • Unless they put them on plague burial sites, or is that unhygienic?
  • The Tube is so convenient, being able to leave the house without checking train times and working around them?! Revolutionary.
  • This city is so full of culture and history, yet I sit here playing Pokemon Go.
  • A famous actor/scriptwriter once owned the house I live in, may he rest in peace, but please don't haunt me here.
  • This city is expensive, I've spent so much today just travelling around. But then again I did go to zone 6 for the first time ever.
  • I wonder if I'll ever not be completely giddy when I see One Canada Square and the Shard.
There's my first 24 hours, well more like 30 hours, of thoughts summed up in one neat bundle. I don't know when the next post will be, but it will assuredly be soon.

Oslo Part 4 - Bygdøy peninsula

Welcome to the viking museum on the Bygdøy peninsula.

We utilised the sightseeing bus as a mode of transport to get here, it's not really very walkable from central Oslo. 

The building picture above is the famed Viking Ship Museum. Entry is 80 NOK, we recieved a discount thanks to our sightseeing bus passes.

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Oslo Part 3 - Holmenkollen

Welcome to part 3, here's parts 1 and 2.

Today we head to the Holmenkollbakken!

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Review

The first in the Star Wars Anthology series has finally hit the big screen, and after years of scrutiny and doubt, we can finally pass our own judgement.

This movie was great. There's this review in four words. Here's it in five: This movie was fucking great.

Prepare yourself for minor spoilers. No plot is given away, however those wishing to go in blind probably shouldn't read this.

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Oslo Part 2 - The Royal Palace and Vigeland Park

Catch up on Part 1 here.

Oslo's Royal Palace. A large amount of the buildings in this city seemed to painted in various shades of yellow. Almost neutral, but bright enough to give the city such life.

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Top 10 Albums of 2016

The year is coming to a close, so it's time to look back at some of the amazing albums we were blessed with this year. 2016 was a cracking year in music, here are 10 of my favourite albums that were released this year. These are in no particular order, don't make me choose a favourite. Don't be that cruel.

Christine and the Queens - Chaleur Humaine

This was originally released in France in 2014, but didn't make it's way over the English channel, or onto my Spotify, until this year.

Chaleur Humaine is a strong album, lacking any filler, with lyrics intertwining two languages, heavy beats and soft flows. Chaleur Humaine feels appropriate for all times of day, for all moods. I could dance to 'Tilted' in a club, listen to 'Science Fiction' in the gym, but most of all I jam out to it in the house.

Lead single: Tilted.

Stream on Spotify.
Buy on iTunes.

More after the jump.

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20 Fenchurch Street's Sky Garden

Posts on London are about to become more frequent with me moving there in two weeks time, so let's kick these off with a post on an amazing attraction, the Sky Garden.

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My Year in Music

It's time for all of that year end type stuff, and I'm kicking off with a short post on the music I've listened to this year. This isn't my favourite, or what I consider the best, these are the stats Spotify e-mailed to me on my music consumption throughout the year.

Last year I made a post on my Spotify Year in Music, sadly they axed this featured for 2016. Everyone has been given a customised playlist (Spotify Wrapped), although today everyone should be receiving an e-mail containing some more stats! This seems to be in response to many, including myself, complaining about this year end feature compared to last's.

This e-mail of stats isn't much, but I'll take it.

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Oslo Part 1

Oslo, Norway.

September 2016.

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Twin Peaks Season 1

Season 1 of Twin Peaks aired 26 years ago in 1990, so obviously I'm going to discuss my thoughts and feelings on a show that's half a decade older than myself, on a website that's just a baby compared to Twin Peaks.

Set in the aptly named mountaneous town of Twin Peaks, located within sleepy North Washington, we follow the lives of a whole host of characters in the days and weeks leading on from the mysterious murder of beloved high school student Laura Palmer.

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Moving to London

I'm moving to London soon, probably by the end of the month, to work in social media and online content for a charity.

It doesn't feel very real even though I've been working towards moving to London for a social media role since I graduated University a few months ago, as I've been volunteering in online content creation, working alongside companies and bloggers as well as interviewing for roles in London, as that's truly where the best opportunities for these types of jobs are!

I'm mega excited, and I'll be even more excited once I've got a place to live sorted. That's my major stress right now, however I'm down in London for a couple days next week, so I'll hopefully leave with a place to live. I'm still not sure on which area I want to live in, though I'm increasingly leaning towards south London for some reason.

It's going to be a massive change, but the last few months have been about adjusting to life back at home, and now it'll be about adjusting to life elsewhere. I've questioned myself a million times over about why I want to be moving to somewhere so busy, expensive and far away, but every time I still want to go. I want to challenge myself by living so far from the North West where I've spent my entire life, I want to try something completely new and submerge myself in a completely different life and environment for a little bit. I love London, I'm beginning to know it pretty well, and I loved nothing more than living in a city. I miss living with friends and people my own age. Living at home is fine, I like seeing my family a lot, it's a hell of a lot cheaper, but it's not something you can easily go back to after living independently. 

I'm going to miss my home life  a great deal, I'll miss seeing my friends regularly, seeing my family all the time, and I'll just generally miss Liverpool. However, if I don't do this now I never will, right now I'm not arsed about living in a shoebox sharing with people I don't know, I don't have many commitments nor ties here, and a bunch of my friends are scattered all over the country now university is over, so I'm already getting used to people important to me being far away. For about four years I've been toying with the idea of living in London, and it's probably only been in the last two that I have taken it as a serious idea. It's something I know I have to do or will regret for the rest of my life.

Maybe I'll absolutely hate it and want to move home, maybe I'll love it more than I've loved anything in my entire life! By choosing to move out, and to somewhere so expensive, I'm choosing to give up a lot of disposable income, and by that I mean travelling. Travelling is sort of my main aim in life, but this is something I need to do now and will be putting that on hold for a while. I've had a good couple of years, I've seen a fair bit of Europe and spent a month in Japan! Plus I'm sure I can still make some short trips happen somehow. Maybe. Who knows. 

I'm grateful to have started this blog, I can't wait to document the next step on here, the good and the bad. There's a series I've had in mind for a long time that I can finally start soon. I'm glad I'll be able to look back and follow my life from mid-2014 to whenever I stop doing this, hopefully never.

It's surprisingly how much our opinions and aims change, I remember as telling a friend at 13/14 that I'd be happy to stay in our hometown forever, but I left at 19 for university and hated coming back to it. At 16 my aim was to become a physicist and do shit with space, I dunno what, I realised I'm not great at science and it all left my head. A teacher at school wrote in my leaver's book that even though she thought I could excel at a career involving English/writing that I'd probably go down the science path.

Jokes on you Mrs Cassin, English is probably the most relevant subject we studied to my career goals and personal interests!! Or the jokes on me there, as I spent a while thinking I could do science, I'm proving now that I can't 'do science' by using the phrasing 'do science'.

Anyway, to sum up I'm moving to the big smoke, I'm probably gonna be tired, poor, and grumbly all the time, but it's gonna be wicked.