My Month in Music - January 2016

January 2016 has been a MONTH. I don't know how else to describe it. I rang in the New Year by going to work at 6am, and then spent up until the 22nd working in a frenzy to meet all of my coursework deadlines and prepare for an exam. 10,000 words of coursework in total almost caused me to lose the will to live.

The last week has been extremely fun, but somehow has been SO BUSY despite being free from revision. I don't know how I've been so busy, but it's been great, and now I go to Budapest today! As I'm writing this (the night before) I'm having a major freakout over fitting everything into my hand luggage as RyanAir give you about 3cm to work with and my camera takes up almost 1/4 of my case. 

ANYWAY. Here's the music I've been listening to this month.

Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac

I only began to listen to Fleetwood Mac last month, I know, I'm 40 years late to this party, but what a great party it is! Everywhere is my go to song, but I do love Dreams too. How did I go over 20 years without listening to them?!

Rey's Theme - John Williams

I love movie soundtracks, especially anything John Williams! I loved The Force Awakens more than I could have imagined, so this soundtrack has been playing a lot this month. Especially because I can easily work with soundtracks playing in the background since I don't get distracted by lyrics since there are none!

Rey's Theme is easily my favourite piece on the soundtrack, I listen to it on repeat to chill out, which has helped considering I've spent the last few weeks mostly stressed out!

'Kawaii Metal'

Gimme Chocolate - Babymetal

Nippon Manju - LadyBaby

So Kawaii Metal is a whole genre I didn't know existed. Essentially, it's a mix of JPOP's cutesy sound, with metal. It's so absolutely ridiculous and I love it. It somehow works, and I can't stop listening to it. 

Prepare for your life to be changed.

Cheap Thrills - Sia

Sia's new album came out yesterday, I'm a big fan of her work and love it already. Cheap Thrills and Alive are my favourite so far, as I haven't really listened to everything else as much as I would like just yet!

Emperor's New Clothes - Panic! At The Disco

For some reason it won't embed the actual video, which is annoying because the video is SO GREAT. I want to try filming something with snappy motions like it.

Before this song, I hadn't listen to Panic! since probably 2009/10. From year 7 (2006) to year 9 (2010) I LOVED their music, but then suddenly fell out of listening to it! Now it's time to make up for lost time! Their new album, Death of a Bachelor, is incredible, but this song is one I specifically cannot stop listening to. 

So that's my month in music!

Thank you for reading, and I'll be back in a few days with a post on my trip to Budapest!! I'm so excited, but right now I'm mainly stressed over packing. Good times.


My entire life has been set out in my head since I was young. I've always known my next step; in primary school, I knew I would be going to high school, from there I knew I'd be going to college, and from there to university.

Now I'm finally coming towards the end of my education after 16 years, and I couldn't be more excited to move onto something new, but what?! That's the exciting part! Whenever I tell people younger than me that I have no plans fully decided on for after university, they seem terrified and shocked! I get it, I felt that way at one point! But also 1) it's my life and I ain't worried so why are you? 2) get to this point and you'll long for having the entire world open for you.

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Binge by Tyler Oakley Review

I finally finished Binge by Tyler Oakley, and now it's time for a review!

Binge is a memoir written by YouTuber , and now podcaster, Tyler Oakley, who has amassed nearly 8 million subscribers! He's a mid-twenties guy from the midwest, living in Los Angeles and he's most famous for being unapologetically himself, as well as his ever changing hair colour.

I've been watching Tyler for years now, and I met him at his book tour, as you can see, my copy of the book is black, as it's the 'Exclusive Tour Edition' - how cool! 

I had previously tried (and failed) to meet Tyler at Summer in the City 2014, and at his Slumber Party tour in mid-2015, during a random draw for VIP backstage passes, the girls next to us won! Whilst we were a little sad, we were trying to be the big adults as these preteens cried out of sheer excitement.

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2016 IS UPON US! Except I'm typing this part on December 31st 2015, so no, it isn't (just yet)

2015 has been a great year, it's been a big year, a lot has happened yet at the same time I feel like nothing has! I was #blessed with a new baby niece born 1 day before my 20th birthday, I got a new job, I moved out of a flat with some of my best friends, then moved into a new flat with a (mostly) different set of friends, amongst other things!

 However, rather than a reflection on 2015, this will be a look forward onto 2016. Every year, my friend Amy and I say 'this will be our year!', and I think the statement rings true more than ever before this year. I have so much planned and so much to be excited about, and I'm looking forward to documenting it all here, my own wedge of the internet that I treat as a diary.

And all of my plans are up until mid-July, I have zero things set in stone from then on, and instead of being daunting, it is the most liberating thing I have ever felt!

Let's dive into my New Year's Resolutions instead!

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