Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

All of my social media has had a huge Star Wars overload lately. I am very sorry if you don't like/care for Star Wars, and that is all I've clogged your timelines with.

This month has been a very huge month for Star Wars, and I celebrated this with a Lego Star Wars advent calendar! I bought this from, but I know that you could buy these in store at the Lego store! This cost me £30.

The main reason I'm doing this post full of what I got in it is that I bought a vinyl marble sheet and wanted to try taking pictures on it for the first time, it went...okay. My camera was being temperamental and I'm seeing that a lot of these came out rather dark, and one came out SO BRIGHT.

Oh well, it's all a learning curve.

Day 1- Khetanna (Jabba the Hutt's sail barge)

Day 2 - Sarlacc Pit

Day 3 - Bomb Disposal Droid sold by the Jawa's (supposedly, this one confused me a bit)

Day 4 - Jawa

Day 5 - Jawa's Sandcrawler

Day 6 - Ewok Weapons Post

Day 7 - Ewok Village

Day 8 - Ewok

Day 9 - Ewok Catapult (which actually works!)

Day 10 - Stormtrooper

Day 11 - Star Destroyer

Day 12 - Blaster Rack

Day 13 - IG-88

Day 14 - Millennium Falcon

Day 15 - Rebel Mounted Blaster (which moves and fires!)

Day 16 - Star Wing Fighter

Day 17 - Rebel Soldier on Hoth

Day 18 - AT-AT

Day 19 - Rebel's Anti-Aircraft Defense on Hoth

Day 20 - Imperial Droid 

Day 21 - Blaster...of some sorts.

Day 22 - Christmas R2-D2, who can be de-christmasified

Day 23 - Sleigh

Day 24 - Christmas C3PO

And the final three days form a little diorama!

I have to give a little shoutout to Lego's customer service, as I received a misprinted calendar which said on the side it included a Darth Vader figure, however the calendar didn't! I e-mailed and asked about it, and even though having a Vader in the calendar was scrapped, they're sending me one anyway. Lego, you are too kind.

Now could you send me Poe Dameron's X Wing and the new Millennium Falcon sets for free?

My favourite pieces have to be the Falcon and the Stormtrooper! I definitely want one of these next year.

I hope you had a great festive period, and a Happy New Year to you too!


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