Update: I'm a ball of stress.

Life has been so busy at the minute. And not so much in the good way. Partly in the good way, but at the same time I spread so incredibly thin right now, and I'm really sad that I haven't updated since last Sunday.

I mean the last time I updated, this wasn't even out yet:

I did not tear up and freak out at all. That's a complete lie, I watched it and then bought tickets to go to the midnight premiere because it's gonna be great. I'm classing 'great' as better than the prequels. Let's be real, that isn't gonna be hard when you have the original cast, the amazing new cast (Gwendoline Christie could stand in silence for 2 hours and you'd still find me starting a hashtag for her to receive an Oscar) and J.J. Abrams.

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Fall/Winter Outfit Inspo. The FURce Awakens!

This is a terrible pun based upon the fact that I have a jacket with an extremely fake fur lining (I DO NOT SUPPORT REAL FUR, PUTTING THIS OUT THERE LOUD AND CLEAR) and also because I'm wearing a Star Wars t-shirt. Y'all know I love Star Wars.

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My BillBoard Idea | #SPGetNoticed

So recently I was contacted by a company called Solopress (I know, get me getting contacted by companies, Nintendo + Nandos, I'm available, and I'm also here to help if you wanna combine and become Nantendos.)

Solopress are running a competition called 'Get Noticed with Solopress', this is a great social media focused competition, and one which you can enter simply with a tweet!

And throughout this post, you will see some examples of Solopress' work! They were extremely kind, and sent me a package filled with some goodies personalised for me! 

All the goodies came in this cute little drawstring bag!
I don't know exactly what will be stored in it, but something will be!

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Modern Hogwarts Uniform Cosplay

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Halloween Workspace

It's my favourite time of year, because it's time to get SPOOKY! 

And after getting spooky, it's time to get festive, but let's focus on the spoopy times for now!

I adore Halloween, I love the films, the sweets, the, dare I say it, aesthetic. Though after a recent bad run in with a Pumpkin Spice Latte, they are in my bad books for now.

Today, I thought I'd share a few pics of my rather spooktacular desk. It makes reading 30 page articles on EU law much more interesting. 

I spend a lot of time at my desk, I work at it, I eat at it, I watch TV, I play games, I write blogposts at it! So why not make it what I want to be? And change it around every couple of months to keep it fresh!

These lights were from Wilkinson's last year for £3!

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